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Living PlanIT develops operating systems for future cities

Energy-saving, cost-effective, smart buildings are increasingly fashionable these days, but as cities come under increasing population pressure the real key is to develop a system that takes information from many smart buildings and integrates it with streams of other data from a variety of sensors to create an intelligent network.

Designing smart city networks is the specialty of Living PlanIT. The company’s Urban Operating System provides a common platform for all the electronic components of a city to interact with each other. In contrast to current computer networking systems, an urban operating system needs to handle and interpret a vastly greater data flow that covers everything from building temperatures, lighting and other utilities to coordinating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Living PlanIT has equipped its urban operating system to keep permanent records that can be analysed to optimize functions. For instance if a traffic accident blocks circulation, the system can immediately recommend the best alternate route around the congestion for a certain time of day. Living PlanIT’s technology can be integrated into the design of new cities or adapted to gradually modernize systems already in place in older cities. Living PlanIT has created strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, including Cisco, Microsoft and Accenture, and it is currently developing PlanIT Valley, an advanced urban planning project in Portugal, which is a pioneering effort at turning design concepts for future cities into practical reality.

Living PlanIT SA
Steve Lewis, Chief Executive Officer
Location: Vaud, Switzerland
Number of Employees: 78
Year Founded: 2006

Living PlanIT SA
21, Ruelle des Moulins
1260 Nyons, Switzerland
Telephone: +44 2074958968