We live in a world in crisis. Paradigms in the political, economical, and social spheres have been questioned and changed. These changes call for a new leadership, one that doesn’t replicate old formulas and commits the same errors. We need leadership to show a path that creates innovative solutions and is responsive to the demands of our time. I think that the characteristics of Latin America as a region–ethnically diverse, demographically young, and abundant in natural resources – gives us the opportunity to become the promoters of a new model for the world. The World Economic Forum in Latin America promises to be the ideal space to start these conversations.

My main motivation is to build a democratic and developed country that can overcome poverty and positively influence other countries and the world. I consider citizen participation to be the most important element to achieve this. Coming from a violent country like Venezuela, I strongly believe in life is an unalienable right. In our current situation, the main victims of violence are young men and women like myself; that is why I am convinced that the only way of achieving our goals is through the participation of our generation in the public sphere. The core principles in which I base my work are responsible freedom -understood as the possibility for each person to take his or her own decisions -, justice, equal access to opportunities, and respect for the planet and its resources.

In the context of the globalized world we live in, I believe that the regional integration of Latin America is a crucial element to achieve success- individually as countries and together as a region. My expectations for the event are high, since I believe it will be an opportunity to meet and interact with an important part of the political, economical, and social leadership of Latin American. I hope to create a relationship with other attendees in order to form a network on which we can rely to make the change we want to see in our countries, the region and the world.

In the Caracas Hub we’re convinced of the importance of participation, leadership, and the key role of our generation in the coming years. That is why we are developing a project called “Puntos de Encuentro”. Puntos de Encuentro will create networks of young leaders, regardless of their economic conditions, in the country’s communities to promote positive change.

Photo Credit: Flickr user AndresAZP