How can we most cost-effectively tackle the world’s biggest problems, and which ones should we solve first? Every four years, these questions are answered by an expert panel including four Nobel laureates. The Copenhagen Consensus systematically identifies the smartest ways to achieve the greatest global good.

Deworming schoolchildren is ranked in the Top 5.

We’ve already seen how powerful deworming can be for improving children’s education in Forum blog posts by Esther Duflo and Rachel Glennerster, and how regular deworming of children carries forward to their productivity as adults. In fact, if we look at the increase in total future earnings due to deworming, researchers estimate greater than a 42% rate of return from a randomized study in Kenya.

A 42% return is impressive by any standard.

We aim for the highest returns possible when we invest in the stock market or our business. We should be doing the same with our charitable investments.  Please join the Young Global Leaders’ Deworm the World campaign by August 31 to make a lasting difference for millions of children.

Alissa Fishbane is the Managing Director of Deworm the World.

Photo Credit: Esther Havens