Mauritius is the top sub-Saharan nation for digital, according to the latest Networked Readiness Index (NRI) from the World Economic Forum. The island state comes 45th out of the 143 countries surveyed — higher than Italy at 55th. Mauritius scores particularly well on affordability with the second lowest broadband costs in the world. It is the only sub-Saharan African state to make the top half of the table.

The NRI is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2015: ICTs for Inclusive Growth and scores nations on four counts of their readiness to exploit new digital technologies: 1) the regulatory and business environment, 2) infrastructure, affordability, and skills, 3) usage by businesses, individuals and government, and 4) social and economic impact.

Here are the top 10 sub-Saharan digital nations:


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Explore the Networked Readiness Index by using the heatmap below.

Author: Thierry Geiger, Associate Director, Economist, Global Benchmarking Network, Global Competitiveness and Risk, World Economic Forum

Image: A viewpoint overlooking Port Louis. REUTERS/Ed Harris