Successful leaders keep going despite setbacks, says Christie Peacock in this video for the Schwab Foundation: “Be persistent and don’t let problems put you off. If it was easy then everybody would do it,” says the founder and Chair of Sidai Africa.

This post is part of a major series from the Schwab Foundation looking at lessons from leading social entrepreneurs.

The livestock expert says integrity is essential: “People have to believe in you, and believe that you’re true to the vision. So you have to do that in the way that you live and work, and your actions must match your words.”


Recruiting high calibre people with heart has also been key to Sidai’s success: “We’ve recently managed to attract senior executives from multinational companies who are seeking a change in their lives, and want to give something back to society. They see Sidai as an interesting business model, that they can bring their commercial skills to, but also their heart and passion.”

Author: Christie Peacock, Founder and Chair of Sidai Africa