They started by attacking coffee. Resisting new technologies has a long history and a simple explanation.

Forget about genes. Behaviour and environment matter much more for your health.

How ready is your country for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What the Forum’s Network Readiness Index is and why it matters.

Far fewer women than men have mobile phones. Closing the digital gender gap means fighting cultural and financial barriers.

An ever-closer union isn’t the answer. But Europe and the UK can still be strong and united after Brexit.

A plan to make venture capital less male-dominated. Investors can change the dynamic and increase profits.

Can globalization be fixed? We have to make it work for the 99% too.

For a start, the global financial system has to serve the economy, not the other way around.

A hint of globalization makes a big difference in refugee camps.

Globalization has changed football, as the Euro 2016 competition has shown.

The language you speak may affect your sense of blame. And your sense of colour, shape, and almost everything else that determines how you see the world.

Asia is taking better advantage of globalization than the West. Many Asian countries are doing a better job growing wealth without growing inequality.

Be careful with what goes viral in politics. It’s often not true.

The jobs race: machines vs humans. It’s been going on for a century, and a new study says humans may keep winning.

Global growth is fragile and central banks are printing money at unprecedented levels. Willstagflation rear its ugly head again?

The Global Information Technology Report 2016
Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United States are leading the world when it comes to generating economic impact from investments in information and communications technologies (ICT). Learn more in #GITR16.

These seven countries benefit the most from digital innovation. Cites the Forum’s Global Information Technology Report. (Deutsche Welle)

Is Brexit the biggest threat to the world economy right now? An interview with World Economic Forum Lead Economist Margareta Drzeniek. (Bloomberg)

The Phillippines may not be as gender fair as it appears. Cites Global Gender Gap Index. (The Straits Times)

Blockchain may become as big as the Internet. Cites Forum research. (The Guardian)

Jordan will host the 2017 World Economic Forum on MENA 2017. (Petra News Agency)

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