A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

1. Facts and figures. A new report has dissected the famous ‘elephant chart’. The research questions the premise that globalization caused incomes to stagnate in advanced economies. (Resolution Foundation)

2. The report has sparked a significant debate, with many asserting that the lessons of the famous inequality chart remain valid. (Financial Times)

3. Hard work is needed to keep Africa’s economy moving forward. (McKinsey Global Institute)

4. Why is the US economy lagging? It’s the politics, stupid. (USA Today)

5. Soaring inequality in the UK contributed to Brexit, according to analysis by Oxfam. (The Independent)

6. But there’s an argument that Brexit could actually make the country more competitive. (Project Syndicate)

7. In recent years, major research on inequality has come from European academics. Entrenched ideology might be the reason why. (The Atlantic)

8. The importance of good governance in driving well-being. (BCG Perspectives)

9. As the gig economy grows, the argument that financial security is a human right grows with it. (New America Weekly)

10. Some thoughts on how to prepare for the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on inequality and jobs. (World Economic Forum)