The most interesting developments in the LGBT world, rounded up by Berit Gleixner, Community Specialist, and Silvia Magnoni, the World Economic Forum's Head of Civil Society Communities.

1. Olympic representation at an all-time high

 Which Olympic Women's Sports Have Had The Most LGBT Comptetitors?
Image: Autostraddle

A record number of gay athletes participated in this year’s Olympic games in Brazil and there is hope such visibility will help to change attitudes.

2. Italy takes the plunge

Same-sex civil unions have become a reality in Italy, with the first requests for gay unions coming in after the legalization of same-sex partnerships in May.

3. Gender identity and bathrooms

An attempt by the Obama administration to reform bathroom access guidelines for transgender individuals in schools was quashed in a temporary injunction delivered by a Texas judge. With disagreement over whether anti-discrimination laws apply to transgender people, the Supreme Court might have a role to play in an increasingly contentious topic.

4. Gay rights and democracy in the Middle East

 Gay Laws in Middle East
Image: MapsofWorld

In a number of Middle Eastern countries LGBT rights defenders have joined other civil rights activists to fight for democracy. And authorities in Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt are starting to get worried.

5. A title for everyone

In the UK, Oxford City Council will use the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ in its paperwork. Oxford isn't the first council to make the move but it is thought to be the largest.

6. Indonesian threats

A recent report from Human Rights Watch sheds light on the deteriorating situation of the LGBT Community in Indonesia, where discrimination against sexual and gender minorities is occurring at a worrisome rate.

7. Setbacks in Tanzania

Image: Amnesty International

There are new plans to suspend the registration of organisations fighting for LGBT rights in Tanzania - a country that has so far been very tolerant of its LGBT community.

9. The economic cost of homophobia

Homophobic practices in countries around the world are estimated to cost billions of dollars in lost economic activity, according to a new study from the World Bank.

10. European Commission launches ‘We all Share the Same Dreams’ campaign

The campaign is part of the European Commission’s efforts to end discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender. Almost two-thirds of LGBT people in the region conceal their gender identity.