First woman to lead NASDAQ or any major US exchange. (New York Times)

Men still paid vastly more than women on average in UK. (The Guardian)

The gig economy, racial and gender discrimination. (Bloomberg)

Japan’s efforts to make it easier for women to work are faltering. (The Economist)

16 tech jobs with the largest gender gaps. (Tech Republic)

This female coder helped make the Apollo missions a reality. (World Economic Forum)

A tipping point missed: Women in global leadership. (World Economic Forum)

#HerStory: Gender equality on Arabic Wikipedia. (Egyptian Streets)

There’s a ‘mom problem’ in academia. (Quartz)

Will Hillary Clinton’s defeat set back women in politics? (The Atlantic)

Tackling corruption in Mexico’s transit police by getting rid of all the men. (BBC)

3 inventive ways to end violence against women. (World Economic Forum)

Teaching women to resist hijab grabbers. (The Conversation)

Palestinian women cross divide to meet at peace tables’. (Al-Monitor)

The place in China where women lead. (NPR)

Female Arab cartoonists. (BBC)

#BeatMe, say women of Pakistan. (UN Women)

The State of Women In Tech
Source: Company reports, Statista Charts, March 2016

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