Which countries have the most immigrants? The US and Germany aren’t on the list.

Image: OpenStreetMap

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Designer babies & robot rights. The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s ethics.

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If capitalism is in crisis, blame government choices, not globalisation.

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The end to renewable energy’s big limitation? This battery lasts a decade.

Globalisation, the world identity crisis, and political upheaval. Coverage of Professor Klaus Schwab’s speech in Dubai. (CNBC)

Inequality’s threat to India. Cites Forum’s Global Risk Report. (The Hindu)

Philippine business wants better air infrastructure. Their argument relies on the Global Competitiveness Report. (Philippine Star)

Swiss tax decision threatens competitiveness. But the country still tops the Global Competitiveness Index. (Bloomberg)

Latin America leads in clean energy. The Forum’s Renewable Infrastructure Investment Handbook provides data. (Christian Science Monitor.)