Companies across the globe are starting to ramp up their hiring after a year of political uncertainty and upheaval.

Over the last year, Britain voted to leave the European Union, Donald Trump became the new US President, and populism has been spreading across Europe. It has caused great uncertainty for companies and many have held off on expansion plans until now.

But the tide is turning. According to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey released this month, companies from 39 of 43 countries surveyed said they anticipate increasing their headcounts, with the strongest hiring intentions coming out of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Business Insider decided to take a look at net employment outlooks for each country surveyed and run down which nations boasted the greatest anticipated growth in hiring.

Take a look at the top 11 countries with the most companies actively looking to expand their workforces:

T=9. New Zealand: +13%.The country tops many rankings for quality of life and has become a draw for families over recent years.

T=9. Guatemala: +13%. The country's economy is dominated by the private sector, which generates about 85% of GDP, and companies are looking at rapidly expanding headcount over the next quarter.

T=9. Bulgaria: +13%. The country has experienced rapid economic growth over the last few years and companies are now looking at expanding their workforces across various sectors such as professional services, as well as mining.RossHelen/Shutterstock

8. Hong Kong: +14%. The country may be one of the most expensive places to live in the world but it is a financial hub for Asia and seen as a gateway for financial services in mainland China.

7. Romania: +16%. The country is becoming a draw for companies looking to expand in Europe as cost of living is very low and wages are comparatively low and quality of living is meant to be ample.

T=5. United States: +17%. Now the US elections are over, companies in the US are looking to start rapidly hiring again.

T=5. Hungary: +17%. The country has one of the lowest cost of living in Europe and is also a place where the jobs market is buoyant.

4. India: +18%. The country is one of the fastest growing developing countries in the world and it is continuing to hire more staff across a range of sectors such as professional services and manufacturing.

3. Slovenia: +22%. While Western Europe employers are less confident about hiring intentions than the rest of the region, in Eastern Europe, companies are looking to expand in fields such as technology.

2. Japan: +23%. The country ranks as having on of the strongest levels of hiring confidence amongst businesses, thanks to its vibrant corporate culture in places such as Tokyo.

1. Taiwan: +24%. The Asian country is seen as one of the best places in the world for expats looking to grow their careers and is fast becoming a hub in the continent for tech and finance jobs.