Sheryl Sandberg calls for US policy changes to aid working mothers. (Bloomberg)

Leading Silicon Valley VC firm takes a step towards diversity. (Recode)

The gender pay gap: blame motherhood. (New York Times)

Sexism Valley: Is misogyny a warning sign that a business is in trouble? (Wired)

One of Descartes’ most famous ideas first articulated by a woman. (Quartz)

Farming will end sex trafficking, says Kerala minister. (Indian Express)

More children and women dying in Venezuela as economy collapses. (Bloomberg)

Marines release first-ever ad spotlighting woman in combat. (NPR)

Indian women’s groups seeking to ban verbal divorce. (Al Jazeera)

Senator Warren: Women not an optics problem. (Bloomberg)

Mother’s Day: empowering or feminism commercialised? (The Atlantic)

Mums: your kids hijacked your brain. For life. (Wired)

Chart of the week: Women and social protection: 200 million older women live without regular income from social protection against 115 million men.

Quote of the week

“As a woman in public life, the violent threats take on another sickening dimension. Threats of violent abuse, of rape, are far too common. A woman in public view may expect to receive them almost daily.”