Welcome to our weekly digest of stories about how the gender gap plays out around the world – in business, health, education and politics – from the World Economic Forum.

Women now have 25% of leadership roles at Google. (cnet)

Free abortions in England for women from Northern Ireland. (BBC)

US Girl Scouts role out 18 new badges. In cybersecurity. (Tech Republic)

A hashtag to fight Iran's dress code for women. (Reuters)

Should Macron and Trudeau be so proud of appointing women to their Cabinets? (The Conversation)

More women running than ever in Papua New Guinea election. (Al Jazeera)

Fakery-until-makery: tips from highly successful women. (The Atlantic)

VCs ask male and female entrepreneurs different questions and it affects their funding. (HBR)

Why Indian women are wearing cow masks for this photographer's project. (Times of India)

Sexism in terrorism: Reporting on women's acts of violence distorts reality. (Middle East Eye)

China doesn't have leftover women. It has leftover men. (World Economic Forum)

South Africa’s public works programme is creating jobs, but it can do more for women. (World Economic Forum)

‘Women priority’ subway carriages trial scheme starts in China. (South China Morning Post)

Chart of the week: Closing the gender gap in humanitarian action. To mark World Refugee Day, UN Women considers the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women refugees.
Source: UN Women.

Image: UN Women