World leaders to meet under all-female co-chair team at Davos 2018. (Reuters)

Gender pay gap widening for women in their 20s, data shows. (The Guardian)

Five ways China’s women are closing the gender gap. (World Economic Forum)

Qatar appoints four women to Shura Council. (Al Jazeera)

Women cracked wartime codes. They can fix tech today, too. (New York Times)

57 female CEOs on how more women can get to the top. (Harvard Business Review)

Women less likely to get CPR from bystanders, study says. (The Washington Post)

India’s male-dominated IT industry will be represented by a woman. (Quartz)

The genetic difference between men and women could be greater than we thought. (World Economic Forum)

Sports gender equality advocates and coaches receive IOC awards. (International Olympic Committee)

Where do women outnumber men in science? (BBC)

Chart of the week: The gender pay gap is widening, despite widespread initiatives to break glass ceilings and force salary disclosure.
Source: Global Gender Gap Report 2017. World Economic Forum

Quote of the week

“Diversity also fosters critical thinking and innovative solutions. The more people with various backgrounds in a group, the more they will challenge one another and question ideas and solutions that may feel natural, but in reality are rooted in a particular social or cultural background.”

Isabelle Kocher, March 2017
Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Group
Co-chair, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 2018
I never really thought about gender diversity until...(LinkedIn)