Higher education and the job-market have become more and more interwoven in recent years. This has led to many institutions developing strategies to give their graduates the perfect start in the world of work. According to the latest Times Higher Education employability rankings, some universities are doing a better job of preparing their students than others. The research ranks universities based on the perceptions of both national and international companies about the employability of their graduates. The majority of the top-institutions are in the United States.

With a score of 681, the California Institute of Technology is in first position. It is known for its competitive admissions process whereby small numbers of gifted students are admitted. It also places strong emphasis on science and technology teaching and research. Harvard and Columbia University are internationally renowned and it comes as no surprise that these two institutions round off the top-three. There are three foreign universities in the top-10: the University of Cambridge, the Technical University of Münich and the Universtiy of Tokyo

Image: statista