UK government sets targets for gender and ethnic diversity in quangos. (The Guardian)

Retail industry meltdown hits women hard; men remain unscathed. (Bloomberg)

The terrible toll of the opioid crisis is even worse for women. (LA Times)

2 women are harassed a day in Indian workplaces. (Times of India)

A woman’s voice for women at the UN Agency for Reproductive Rights. (New York Times)

Men get twice as much pension money as women in Germany. (Quartz)

Gender pay gap is widest in UK government's Transport and Brexit departments. (BBC)

Norway’s male and female footballers sign historic agreement on equal pay. (The Independent)

Egyptian women get inheritance rights thanks to new law. (Al-Monitor)

#MeToo in Italy? More of a #Meh. (New York Times)

Chart of the week: Millennial women are more passionate about equal pay than reproductive rights or family leave, according to a 2017 survey.
Source: Create and Cultivate/MG Buzz

Quote of the week

“It is a gendered world, and right now, adolescent girls and women in many communities around the world really do not have a say in what happens to them.”

Dr. Natalia Kanem
Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund
New York Times, December 2017