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Ten things to know about competitiveness: firstly, it is not optional.
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The most competitive economy. The US leads, but can it continue to?
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Emotional AI and digitizing Africa. Meet the new Young Global Leaders.

The $80 trillion world economy in a single chart.

How many productive years will you have? It may depend on your country.

These are the world’s most competitive economies. The top ten.

Is AI a threat to human rights? The impact on individual autonomy.

Military leadership. Some lessons for civilian leadership.

How to crack the coldest of cold cases. A family history website.

Strategy in a VUCA world. It needs adaptation, exploitation and action.

Anonymity has ended. If your cousins are in a DNA database, you probably are too.

US the world’s most competitive economy. Coverage of the Global Competitiveness Report. (Wall Street Journal)

The thriving Indian economy. An interview with Forum president Børge Brende. (DNA India)

US should do more to improve workers rights. An interview with the Forum‘s Saadia Zahidi. (CNBC)

The 25 best countries to be an entrepreneur. Spoiler: the US wins. (Business Insider)

Indian Prime Minister speaks at launch of new Forum Centre for the 4IR. (Hindustan Times)