The world depends on just 3 crops. That’s a problem for the future of food.
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The young are lonelier than the old. Surprises from a new loneliness study.
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Image: BBC Radio 4

The work landscape in 2022. Jobs, not people, will be redundant.

Drones for small farmers are just the start. The 4IR takes off in India.

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Don’t treat technology like the weather. The economics of climate change.

Avoiding climate disaster. The difference half a degree can make.

Automated recruitment by algorithm? One global giant discovered that machines learn prejudice.

Calming nerves in China’s private sector. A Chinese call for a better legal and business environment.

The Brexit revolution. Britain’s former Brussels representative unpacks the consequences.

Suffocating democracy. How politics today compares to Europe between the wars.

What really killed the dinosaurs? Dark matter.

World Economic Forum in the news

The Forum launches Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution in India. (Times of India)

A new look at an ancient city in Morocco. Cites Global Gender Gap Index (New York Times)

Dubai plans to be world’s most visited city. Cites Forum Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report. (Al-Arabiya)

A blockchain school opens in Egypt. Cites Forum forecasts for blockchain. (Egypt Today)

Mission Billion. The Forum is part of the digital identity initiative. (