More than 3,000 leaders from around the globe will be in Davos for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019.

Contrary to the idea that Davos is just a gathering of leaders - the so-called global "elite" - there is in fact a diverse and exciting group of radical world-changers, from champions of democracy to educators of the underprivileged, coming to share ideas and find new ways to make the world a better place.

Among them are community members from The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, The Global Shapers Community and The Forum of Young Global Leaders. Collectively, these foundations are changing the face of leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Here are nine of the community members who will be in Davos this year. Be sure to follow along at #wef19, #YGLs, #ShapingDavos and #SocEnt.

Daniella Ballou-Aares, US

Through her organization Leadership Now Project, Daniella Ballou-Aares is contributing to renewing democracy. She is focusing on its fundamental threats, including low voter turnout, gerrymandering, campaign finance rules and a lack of highly qualified candidates.

Ernest Darkoh, South Africa

Ernest Darkoh is a founding partner and Co-CEO of BroadReach. He is widely acclaimed for his leadership in Botswana's pioneering National Antiretroviral Treatment Program (Masa), the first national rollout of HIV treatment in Africa.

Iim Fahima, Indonesia

Through her company Queenrides, an online and offline community platform dedicated to empowering women to ride and drive safely, Iim Fahima is curating a community of 200,000 users from all over Indonesia. Queenrides sees strong engagement and runs routine, well-planned activities. It is now a collaborative platform for the general public, private sector, NGOs and government.

Mohammed Hassan Mohamud, Kenya

Mohammed is Co-Chair of the Annual Meeting 2019. He is a resident of the Kakuma Refugee Camp and he works for the LWF Peacebuilding Unit, overseeing measures to prevent conflict within the camp. A well-regarded ambassador of refugee rights, Mohammed has spent the last 20 years in displacement. He was recently elected the Zonal Chairman of the Kakuma Refugee Camp and is currently pursuing online studies through Regis University.

Toby Norman, UK

Toby Norman is passionate about using cutting-edge technology to solve challenges in global health and international development. He is CEO of Simprints Technology, a Cambridge-based non-profit technology start-up that builds biometrics for beneficiary identification in developing countries.

Kennedy Odede, Kenya

Kennedy Odede is a former street child who has lived a large part of his life in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. The programmes run by his organization Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) have served more than 220,000 people. The organization is scaling across Kenya’s slums with a model that links free schools for girls to holistic community services for all.

Debbie Aung Din Taylor, Myanmar

Debbie Aung Din Taylor co-founded Proximity Designs in 2014. It is now Myanmar’s largest agricultural services platform helping small family farms be profitable.

Under her leadership, the business designs products and services to improve the productivity and income level of rural farm families through farm technology, advising and finance.

Hicham Sabir, US

Through ShelterTech, Hicham Sabir is impacting the quality of life of homeless people in San Francisco. ShelterTech distributes wifi and internet in homeless shelters; organizes events to bridge the gap between the tech and homeless communities locally; and has built, an online repository of social services that is now contracted by the City of San Francisco.

Alexandra Winkler Osorio, Venezuela

Previously the Deputy Mayor of El Hatillo Municipality in Caracas, Alexandra Winkler Osorio has been recognized for her social policy innovations and her promotion of public-private partnerships to help combat the worst humanitarian crises in the Western hemisphere. Alexandra is now dedicated to finding solutions to enhance international cooperation among the Venezuelan diaspora.