Starting in July last year and continuing into November, California suffered its largest wildfire ever (accurately) recorded. The Mendocino Complex Fire engulfed 459 thousand acres and caused one death. As a whole, 2018 proved to be the most destructive wildfire season for the state, with over 6 thousand fires and close to 900 thousand acres affected.

Although 2019 hasn't yet come close to the extent of devastation caused last year, firefighters in California are currently battling against wildfires exacerbated by strong winds and forcing widespread blackouts. As this infographic shows, the costs of wildfires in California have escalated significantly over the last four decades. Average annual California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection expenditure for its fire suppression emergency fund from 79/80 to 88/89 was $25 million, while from 09/10 to 18/19, the figure had risen to $422 million.