• Post-COVID, we'll have a hybrid 40-60, home-office split during the work week, an expert predicts.
  • 23 million jobs will be gone, says International Labour Organization.
  • Listen to insights on the world of work from the Forum's Jobs Reset Summit.

TheCOVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is leaving a long-term impact on jobs around the world.

The International Labour Organization predicts tens of millions of jobs will have disappeared never to return; the progress towards gender equality in the workplace has been set back one to two years; and work-from-home is here to stay, with a 40-60 home-office split likely to become the norm.

Those are just three insights gleaned from the Jobs Reset Summit, hosted by the World Economic Forum earlier this month.

To hear more, listen to this episode of Radio Davos in which journalist and host of the Broad Experience podcast, Ashley Milne-Tyte, helped us unpack some of the highlights of the summit.

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Jobs Reset Summit preview episode, with the top-10 jobs of the future

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