Aarti Lila Ram

Global Shaper, Karachi Hub, World Economic Forum

Aarti Lila Ram is a development practitioner, gender trainer, and community organizer in pursuit to empower communities and build ecosystems with ideas, knowledge, skills, and technology. Recently, she completed a post-graduate diploma in Gender Equality Studies Training under the auspices of UNESCO at the University of Iceland where her final assignment dealt with designing safe, tolerant, and inclusive cities for women and other marginalized groups.

Currently, Aarti serves as the Deputy Manager of Sustainability at Engro Foundation, where she assumes a pivotal role in overseeing design models, fundraising efforts, and monitoring and evaluation of inclusive projects. Her work centres around community development, participatory advocacy, and environmental conservation, with a strong emphasis on gender intersectionality.

Aarti's extensive portfolio encompasses diverse projects, including the transformative Sustainable Fisheries Entrepreneurship Program that empowers coastal communities in Karachi. Additionally, she spearheads the Tech Karo and Engro TechLab initiatives, providing digital skills training to women
and young girls. Aarti also plays a crucial role in championing the conservation of mangroves and the preservation of wildlife in Pakistan, recognizing their significance in ensuring a sustainable future.

Aarti actively collaborates with Shirkat Gah, Insan Foundation Trust, and UNDP as a trainer and facilitator for women and girls with the aim to empower women against gender inequality and structural violence against women with a focus on mental health and psychosocial needs and to advocate peace and security for women and religious minorities in the city.

Her role is to plan, facilitate and manage training workshops and social action initiatives including cycling, boxing, and photography within the slums of Karachi. She has reached over 20,000 marginalized women through gender sensitization training and contributed to grassroots-level projects and advocacy campaigns.

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