Alana Strassfield

Global Shaper, Seattle Hub

Alana is currently an MBA student at the University of Washington in Seattle. She interned with Accenture Strategy this past summer and will join them full-time starting August, 2022. Her area of expertise is in designing, implementing and analyzing data from wellbeing surveys for factory workers. From 2016-2020 Alana helped factories and brands identify ways to improve worker-management communication, worker retention and address systemic industry issues, such as excessive working hours, using statistically significant findings from each data set. In 2019, Alana introduced questions to her company’s standard survey to assess mental health risk indicators and loneliness in the factories they survey, the survey reached more than 20,000 factory workers across 18 countries. Alana is curious about absolutely everything. Most recently her obsessions including utilizing technology to optimize personal and public health and using nutritional interventions as a way to improve productivity. Alana began her career in sustainability in college by leading a team of students to audit the college’s dining purchases and negotiated an agreement to shift $320,000 over the course of six years (20% of the school’s annual dining budget) towards more ethically and sustainably sourced food.

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