Bozhanka Vitanova

Global Shaper, Boston Hub, Brandeis Innovation Center

Bozhanka Vitanova is Co-Founder and CEO of TeamLift, introducing the first SaaS skills platform that reveals what your workforce can truly achieve.

Using AI-powered skills analytics, TeamLift doesn’t see skills as static, but rather dynamic data points that continuously change and evolve. Using TeamLift, managers increase present output and productivity while building their team’s and department’s future capabilities. Skills become easy to search, apply and develop. TeamLift synchronizes the growth between the employee and the organization, unlocking unprecedented workforce adaptability.

Bozhanka is a National Science Foundation I-Corps Instructor at Brandeis University, a Fulbright scholar, Global Shaper with the Boston Hub, and One Young World Ambassador. She first got introduced to the entrepreneurship space in 2013, when she co-founded Yunus&Youth (Y&Y), a global social business supported by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus. Having spent time working with people across different cultures and countries, she speaks Macedonian, English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, and Croatian/Serbian.