Bozhanka Vitanova

Global Shaper, Boston Hub, Brandeis Innovation Center

Bozhanka Vitanova is Co-Founder and CEO of TeamLift, shaping the new collaborative future of work.

TeamLift uses machine learning to build high-performing, adaptable teams and organizations. TeamLift’s technology is the Google Maps for collaboration - it shows exactly where skills and knowledge are stored in an organization and how that knowledge can be translated into results. Large organizations use TeamLift to rapidly form and disassemble new teams, improve synergies within existing ones and manage the effect of constant change on collaboration and productivity.

Bozhanka is a National Science Foundation I-Corps Instructor at Brandeis University, a Fulbright scholar, Global Shaper with the Boston Hub, and One Young World Ambassador. She first got introduced to the entrepreneurship space in 2013, when she co-founded Yunus&Youth (Y&Y), a global social business supported by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus. Having spent time working with people across different cultures and countries, she speaks Macedonian, English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, and Croatian/Serbian.