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Bozhanka Vitanova

Global Shaper, Boston Hub, Brandeis Innovation Center

Bozhanka is Co-founder & CEO of TeamLift, a pioneer in organizational alignment. TeamLift uses AI to bring all employees, from entry-level to the CEO, on the same page with way less time spent in meetings. TeamLift teams make decisions faster, waste less resources and show greater accountability.

Prior to founding TeamLift, Bozhanka commercialized 30+ academic inventions as an NSF I-Corps Instructor and helped create the Innovation Center at Brandeis University. She co-founded Yunus&Youth, a global non-profit, supported by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, that has accelerated 260+ social business in 65+ countries. Bozhanka is a Fulbright scholar, WEF Global Shaper and One Young World Ambassador. Having spent time working with people across different cultures and countries, she speaks Macedonian, English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, and Croatian/Serbian.

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