Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo

Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning, Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning of Equatorial Guinea

Cesar is the Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning of Equatorial Guinea. Just a few months ago, for about 5 years, he has been Secretary of State for the Monitoring of the National Economic Development Plan: Horizon 2020, the medium-term strategy that seeks to reduce poverty and diversify the economy of Equatorial Guinea. In 2008, the Government of Equatorial Guinea embraced this ambitious plan to take the path toward a sustainable economy and a more inclusive society. In 2013, the Government was to consolidate the economic progress achieved since 2008 to 2012 and Cesar was appointed with the mandate to make the strategy really implementable and actionable. Since then, Cesar has implemented a strategy of genuine public sector engineering focused on the building of integrated and results –oriented monitoring systems for the National Development Plan. Today, Cesar is leading the design and implementation of policies and projects that will result in a more inclusive economic development model for his country; and to building stronger, more accountable and transparent institutions. Prior to his appointment as Secretary of State, Cesar was in charge of the Petroleum Economics Department in the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy where he built for the first time a unified database of the Oil Industry in Equatorial Guinea which led to a much more better monitoring of the government take. Cesar´s education and professional trajectory are well known among young professionals in Equatorial Guinea, and as a poet and writer his efforts to preserve the memory of his hometown (Malabo) has attracted the attention of international media such as BBC and TVE (Television Española).

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