Conrad von Kameke

Director, TIGTech

20 years´ biotech industry career with BioInnovators Europe, Novozymes and Monsanto based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Washington, and St.Louis. Building a viable path for the introduction of bio-innovations – a path that is politically, legally and socially practiable: This is my passion. Global over-use of resources suggests that more-of-the-same can´t be the answer. More sustainable solutions are required. Innovation has a key role to play. What policies, regulations, frameworks for decision should govern these innovations? Developing responsible, rational, science-based, creative, socially acceptable answers to these critical questions is what I´m all about. Legal education at Bonn, Göttingen, Heidelberg and Tübingen Universities. Doctorate on EU framework governing “deliberate release” of biotech products.

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