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Daniel Bross

Senior Director, Microsoft

Dan Bross is Senior Director, Business and Corporate Responsibility and Executive Director, Microsoft Technology and Human Rights Center at Microsoft. Dan Bross, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship and Executive Director of the Microsoft Technology and Human Rights Center, has a background in public policy and government and public affairs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He joined Microsoft in 1998 and in 2002 led a cross company virtual team that developed Microsoft’s global Citizenship Program. Dan works closely with business partners across Microsoft on a range of initiatives focused on issues management in the areas of human rights, environmental sustainability, supply chain management, and corporate governance; stakeholder engagement; and strategic third party relationship management. Dan is a member the Board of Trustees of Catawba College; the World Economic Forum’s Human Rights Global Agenda Council; the Board of Directors of the Global Business Coalition Against Trafficking (gBCAT); and Co-Chair of The Conference Board Committee on Corporate Political Spending.