Ephrat Livni

Senior Reporter - Law and Politics, Quartz

Ephrat Livni is a writer and lawyer. She has worked around the world and now reports on government and the Supreme Court from Washington, DC.

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用音乐拨弄情感之弦的智慧常常是这样表现的:大三和弦配上令人振奋的歌词,而小三和弦演奏低沉的旋律并搭配犹豫的歌词。11月15日发表在《Royal Society of Open Science》上的最新研究一定程度上证实了这种看法,但是又有一些新发现。这篇题目为《小三和弦渐弱,大三和弦渐强》的论文从莱昂纳德·科恩的歌曲《Hallelujah》中发现了歌词在不同的地域、音乐类...

27 Nov 2017

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