Henrik Ekelund

Founder and Chairman, BTS Group

Henrik Ekelund is the founder and Chairman of BTS.
The mission of BTS is to partner with clients to accelerate change, develop leadership and enhance business results. Large-scale client engagements include Microsoft, EY, Samsung, Petronas, Vale, Tetra Pak and SAP. 
BTS has 1,100 employees located in 34 offices in six continents. Since BTS’ IPO, and during Henrik’s time as CEO (2001-2022), the company’s revenues grew 1,200 percent.
The total return on the BTS stock during these 21 years was 3,000 percent, equal to a yearly average return of 18 percent.
In 2011, Henrik was awarded the prize as Sweden’s Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition to his role as CEO of BTS, Henrik has been an investor and board member for many start-up and growth companies. 
Henrik has a special interest in economics and politics after a career as a young man in the Swedish Conservative Party’s Student Organization, serving among others as the Chief Editor of its political magazine. Henrik is also engaged in the charitable organization The Swedish American Foundation.
Henrik was born in Stockholm 1955, and is married to Anine and the father of two girls, Olivia (28) and Nikoline (26). He currently lives in Switzerland. In his spare time, he enjoys to read literature and current affairs, as well as various sports.
Education: Master of Science in Business and Economics
The Stockholm School of Economics.

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