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Hilary Sutcliffe

Director, SocietyInside

Hilary is the director of SocietyInside, a London-based not-for-profit driven by the belief that innovation can serve society better than it does at the moment. Many others in all walks of life agree, but the practicalities of how we achieve that is the big question. At SocietyInside we want new technologies to work for us all and aim to inspire policy makers, researchers and innovators to use their incredible power in ways which are humanising, empowering and life enhancing. The hallmarks of innovation with SocietyInside are: 1 The involvement of people in shaping trajectories and applications; 2 A focus on social benefit not technology for its own sake; 3 Timely action to mitigate broader social, ethical and environmental impacts; 4 A commitment to radical openness Hilary participates in the Global Futures Council on Human Rights and was previously on the Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnology She focuses on improving participation of all stakeholders in debates about the focus of innovation, its governance and the social, ethical, environmental, cultural and economic benefits and impacts it brings with it. She develops and leads multi-stakeholder and public involvement initiatives in for policy makers, businesses and universities in areas as diverse as robotics, synthetic biology, ICT & advanced materials She is a member of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council Governance Sub-Group; External Advisory Board of SynbioChem, the Centre for Synbio & speciality chemicals; PRISMA, a project exploring the role of societal involvement & responsibility in SMEs and advises the Responsible Innovation Leadership Group at the University of Sheffield. She is also Co-Chair of working groups on Robotics & Human Rights and Responsible Robotics at the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and on the EAB of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester. Previously on Amnesty International UK Business Group; Board Director Ethical Investment Research Service; EAB of Univ Michigan Risk Science Centre; Chair EAB ResAgora, an H2020 project developing a Responsible Innovation Framework for Europe; Royal Society of Arts Inquiry Tomorrow's Company. BA Hons Univ Manchester History of Art; MSc Responsibility in Business Practice, Univ Bath.

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