Hilary Sutcliffe

Director, SocietyInside

Runs not-for-profit SocietyInside, which aims to encapsulate the aspiration that innovation should have the values, needs and concerns of people and planet at its heart – not scientific kudos or the desire simply to make money. Working with policy-makers, business, civil society groups and academia to explore how this can be achieved in practice – particularly through new joint approaches to trustworthy governance; public and stakeholder involvement in technology development and application and embedding values and ethics at the heart of tech and governance development. Co-Chair, Global Future Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation and former Member, Global Future Council on Human Rights and Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnology, World Economic Forum. Also co-driving a World Economic Forum project TIGTech, exploring how the governance of new technologies can in its own right earn the trust of society. A series of overarching Principles for Earning Trust in Tech Governance, supported by Practical Guidance, will be developed to support governance designers across technology domains and geographies Member: Governance Sub-Group, UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council; EAB project on Anthropogenic Global Catastrophic Risk: The Challenge of Governance and EAB Project PRISMA integrating responsible innovation in tech businesses.

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