Hilary Sutcliffe

Director, SocietyInside

Hilary runs a not-for-profit called SocietyInside. The name is a riff on the famous brand ‘IntelInside’ and aims to encapsulate our aspiration that innovation should have the values, needs and concerns of people and planet at its heart - not scientific kudos or the desire simply to make money.

She works with policymakers, business, civil society groups and academia to explore how this can be achieved in practice - particularly through new joint approaches to trustworthy governance; public and stakeholder involvement in technology development and application and embedding values and ethics at the heart of tech development.

She works on projects exploring issues across technologies, including nanotechnologies, industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology and gene editing, artificial intelligence, robotics and most recently quantum technologies.

She is co-driving a World Economic Forum type 3 project with GFC member Conrad von Kameke, developing a series of actionable Principles for Earning Trust in Tech Governance (TIGTech) which explores the learning from past governance failures to inform the effective governance of other technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

She serves on the Governance Sub-Group of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council; the External Advisory Board of the Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and the EAB of PRISMA an EU H2020 project exploring Responsible Innovation and Emerging Technologies and previously on the Ethical Investment Research Service, the University of Michigan Risk Science Centre and chair of the ResAgora project exploring a framework for Responsible Research and Innovation across Europe.

She has an MSc in Responsibility in Business Practice from the University of Bath and a BA in History of Art from the University of Manchester.

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