Hilary Sutcliffe

Director, SocietyInside

Runs not-for-profit SocietyInside, which aims to focus innovation on the values, needs and concerns of people and the health of the planet – not scientific kudos or the desire simply to make money. Works with policy-makers, business, civil society groups and academia to explore how this can be achieved in practice – particularly through new approaches to trustworthy governance and risk management together with public and stakeholder involvement in tech development. Works across technologies, including biotech and gene editing, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotech, advanced materials and most recently quantum tech. Co-Chair, Global Future Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation and former Member Global Future Council on Human Rights and Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnology, World Economic Forum. Also co-driving World Economic Forum project TIGTech, exploring how the rules and governance over new technologies can, in their own right, earn the trust of society. Member: Governance Sub-Group, UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council; EAB project on Anthropogenic Global Catastrophic Risk: The Challenge of Governance and EAB Project PRISMA integrating responsible innovation in tech businesses. Formerly, Director, Ethical Investment Research Service, EAB Michigan Risk Science Centre and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

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