Irvan A. Sutiono

Global Shaper, Jakarta Hub

Growing up in a family of architects, Irvan witnessed how a few simple sketches could transform into solid structures that provide shelter, a sense of belonging, and even business. Yet, despite the fundamental role of construction in our lives, the industry is notorious for its unaffordability, environmental impact, and slow tech adoption.

Irvan wants to change that. Bearing in mind that the real estate industry is ripe for disruption, Irvan strives to evolve his family business beyond construction, tapping into the 'smart and green' opportunities in the real estate industry. His ultimate goal is to position the business as a catalyst for Indonesia's smart city initiatives.

The smart and green townhouse project that he is developing aims to balance the trilemma among quality, affordability, and sustainability in real estate, and he hopes to scale up this prototype in Indonesia's new capital city Nusantara—a green and smart city that signifies 'city of the future.' During his time working and living in seven cities over the last decade, Irvan became keenly aware of the wealth of opportunities that cities bring and the challenges inherent in their very foundations, fundamental challenges—from chronic housing crises to extreme vulnerability to climate change—that riddle cities that he has lived in. Through this prototype, Irvan hopes that Indonesia's new capital has a new lease of life compared to its predecessor Jakarta.

Before joining the family business, Irvan worked in venture building at Zipmex, one of the largest digital asset exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region, where he incubated and launched new ventures to onboard users into the Web3 space. He started his career in real estate investments, where he handled the acquisition and development of hospitality real estate assets in the APAC and EMEA regions. However, Irvan's career highlight to date is his university "side gig"—one that sparked his passion for social impact. He co-developed a community platform for people with hearing loss, which included a sign language learning application and an online sign interpreter service. This endeavor led him to work under the supervision of the French government after graduation.

Irvan is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and enjoys street food hopping and learning new skills such as salsa dance and Thai boxing.

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