James Pennington

Manager, Circular Economy Initiative and China Partnerships, World Economic Forum Geneva

James Pennington is a project lead on the World Economic Forum’s Circular Economy initiative, leading projects and engagement in emerging markets with a focus on the electronics sector, he also leads the work of the Center for Global Public Goods in China. Prior to the Forum, James worked for the London based think tank Chatham House. James is a fluent speaker of Mandarin and has spent significant time working and studying in China. James graduated from the University of Leeds and the University of Cambridge where his research focused on China’s political economy of natural resources and the country’s international engagement.

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20 Oct 2020

循环经济: 中国新动力

近年来,雾霾弥漫的城市和燃煤发电厂几乎成为中国的代名词。近三十余年的不计后果的快速发展给中国带来了一系列环境的挑战,诸如北京等城市时常遭受数倍于污染限值的污染。而气候变化、水污染自然资源的过度消耗和土地污染为这个世界上人口最多的国家带来了更加严峻的挑战。 近几十年来,由于主要关心经济增长和提升人民生活水平,中国在政策制定过程中始终把环境问题放在次要位置。然而,随着空气污...

15 Feb 2017

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