Jeffrey Carbeck

Specialist Leader, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, DC Innovations, Deloitte

Jeff Carbeck is a Specialist Leader at Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, DC Innovations, Deloitte. He is a chemical engineer, materials scientist and entrepreneur. Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, he was a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Princeton. In 2006 he joined Nano-Terra as its Chief Scientist and also co-founded Arsenal Medical and served as its Chief Technology Officer. He is currently a Subject Matter Advisor for Deloitte Consulting, where he has multiple client engagements and is also co-author of Deloitte eminence studies on advanced materials: Reigniting Growth -- Advanced Materials Systems (2012), and Driving Innovation -- Advanced Materials Systems (in press). He also serves on the World Economic Forum's Global Emerging Technologies Agenda Council and the forum's Working Group on Emerging Technologies for Energy Harnessing.

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