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Nick Chism

Global Head of Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare , KPMG

Nick is the Global Chair of Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare (IGH) Deputy Head of Global Sales & Markets and is coordinating KPMG’s global response to Brexit. Responsible for KPMG’s Sectors and global accounts program, operationalization of the global sales and markets team which underpins the firm’s client focused strategy. Oversight of KPMG’s services to clients across Government, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Transportation, Building & Construction, and Business Services. More than 25 years’ experience, has worked around the world and across a range of areas. From 1996 -2012, his main focus was the successful growth of KPMG’s global infrastructure practice. Background is in corporate finance. Educated at Oxford University and is a chartered accountant. He is a member of the CBI Infrastructure Board and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development