Samuel Gregory

Programme Director, WITNESS

BA, University of Oxford; MA in Public Policy, Kennedy Memorial Scholar, Harvard Kennedy School. Helps people use the power of the moving image and participatory technologies to create human rights change. Programme Director, WITNESS; supervises work on the award-winning ObscuraCam and ProofMode tools. Has worked on impactful campaigns worldwide, particularly in Latin America and Southeast Asia, and created training programmes and teaching texts.Taught human rights and participatory media, Harvard Kennedy School 2010-18. Launched the Webby and Shorty nominated Human Rights Channel on YouTube. Co-Founder, global Video4Change network. 2015, launched the Mobil-Eyes Us initiative focused on combining the power of live video with the capacity of distributed networks to drive more meaningful and useful global activism. 2018, leading work on approaches to AI and deepfakes and threats to truth. 2010, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Resident on the future of video-based advocacy. Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum 2012-17. 2013, Future for Good, Institute for the Future Fellow on the future of activism. Member Technology Advisory Board of the International Criminal Court. Lead Editor, Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism (2005). Speaks and writes widely on human rights and new technologies.