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Sam Muller

Chief Executive Officer, Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law

Founding Chief Executive Officer, HiiL. Our goal is to make the justice journeys of people and their organisations work and universally accessible. We see the ‘rule of law’ and ‘justice systems’ as means to an end: the infrastructure that is needed for peaceful and inclusive societies that flourish on the basis of sustainable economic development. This view also lies at the heart of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace and justice. Much like roads, railways, bridges, electricity and fibre optic cables provide the infrastructure for connecting people, effective justice systems provide the infrastructure for fairness in economic and interpersonal relationships. Good rules bring fairness, trust, and stability. They allocate responsibilities so life becomes less risky. For us the core value proposition of a good justice system is the procedure. And the procedure can be bad, mediocre, and good at delivering a fair solution. We collect data about the needs and satisfaction of the users of the justice system. Our Justice Needs and Satisfaction tool is able to track more than 40 elements of the justice experience. Through clever interfaces, we make the data available to policymakers so they can act on it. Based on the data, we build ownership around specific problems, spark innovation and support coalitions for change.