Sanjay E. Sarma

Vice-President for Open Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Sanjay Sarma is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Vice President for Open Learning at MIT. The Office of Open Learning includes: OpenCourseWare which was the pioneer in open educational resource creation, and has seen more than 500 million visitors in 20 years; MITx a pioneer in MOOC’s; the MicroMasters an online credentialing program developed at MIT and edX and now adopted by over 25 universities on 4 continents; the Jameel World Education Lab a consortium of universities working together on the future of education; and the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative a research center exploring the science of learning. Sarma is the author of the upcoming book, Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn. Sarma is also known for his leadership in the development of modern RFID and the Internet of Things. He serves on the boards and advisory boards of several private, public and non-profit companies including edx.

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