Steven Vosloo

Digital Foresight and Policy Specialist, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Steven Vosloo is a digital policy, innovation and edtech specialist with a focus on emerging tech.

Currently, he is the digital foresight and policy specialist for UNICEF, based in Florence, Italy, at UNICEF Innocenti - Global Office of Research and Foresight. Vosloo works at the intersection of children and their digital lives. Key issues he leads on include children and artificial intelligence, digital misinformation/disinformation, the metaverse, digital literacy and equality.

Previously Vosloo was a Senior Project Officer at UNESCO, Paris, France, managing a partnership with Pearson to examine and highlight how inclusive digital solutions can help people with low skills and low literacy use technology to support skills development and, ultimately, improve livelihoods.

Before that Vosloo was Head of Mobile at Pearson South Africa’ Innovation Lab, established the mobile learning programme at UNESCO, and was Mobile Impact Evangelist for the mLab Southern Africa, an infoDev funded initiative to incubate mobile apps and content services development in the region.

For three years, he held a prestigious Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship for 21st Century Learning, prior to which he was a research fellow of the Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University.

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