Wolfgang Lehmacher

Operating Partner, Industrial Innovation Partners, Anchor Group

Corporate board member, business angle, operating partner and adviser. Former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries, World Economic Forum, and Partner and Managing Director (China and India), CVA. President and CEO Emeritus, GeoPost Intercontinental. Former Head of Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Regions, TNT. Judge IATA Air Cargo Innovation Awards. Member of the Logistikweisen, a German governmental think tank. Founding member of the Centre of Excellence for Global Emerging Supply Chain Technologies, Singapore. FT, Forbes, Fortune, BI and Nikkei contributor and author of white papers and several business books.

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唐纳德·特朗普已经朝着第四十五届美国总统的位置走去了。在竞选中,他承诺会对中国产品采取45%的进口税,退出《巴黎气候协议》,并正式为TPP环太平洋伙伴贸易协定画上句号。 如果特朗普不跟随美国原有的全球贸易和国际事务政策,他将给予其他“可操作的空间”,替代美国去引领和塑造全球化进程。美国在特朗普任内可能会从这个全球化的世界“后撤”(很大程度上这是一个美国帮助创造的世界),...

25 Nov 2016
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