Zubair Abid Arain

Impact Officer, Doha Hub,

Zubair is pursuant of unraveling the ways to bend the current neoclassical capitalist economic system to #EvenItUp & reverse inequality. He is currently working as a Telecom Economist along with studying for his second undergrad from LSE (UOL) in Development & Economics.
He has written on solving climate change through accounting standards for WEF Agenda which was made part of WEF Annual Meeting 2020. He occasionally writes on Medium, you can follow his work at: https://medium.com/@zubairabid.arain
As a shaper at Doha hub, he has organised multiple events, including "Shape-X" in Doha in 2019 which covered the theme of Globalisation 4.0 - picking up from WEF's Annual meeting. He is part of the inaugural cohort of Impact Officers.