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How do we build a #fairerworld?

What kind of capitalism do we want? That may be the defining question of our era. If we want to sustain our economic system for future generations, we must answer it correctly.

Today’s global risks need global solutions, and those solutions need to be fairly distributed so they can work for all of us.

We’ve identified 7 key themes that will be covered over this year’s Annual Meeting and 7 key questions that we want your answers to. The answers to these questions shouldn’t just come from business leaders, governments, and academics – they also need to come from you.

Record a short video or use the #FairerWorld hashtag on Twitter to answer to one of the 7 questions. The best answers will be featured here.

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We've identified 7 key questions that can shape our shared future.
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Tips on filming a great video

  1. Film horizontally

    If you’re using a phone to record your video, make sure you hold it sideways when filming. Try to steady it against something to avoid camera shake. If you have a tripod, even better!

  2. Choose the right spot

    Pick a well-lit place, perhaps next to a window, but make sure there are no bright lights behind you. Avoid standing in front of anything that moves, or is too busy. A simple background usually works best, like a blank wall.

  3. Make sure we can hear you

    The sound is just as important as the video. Background noise can make your response difficult to hear. Ensure you are in a quiet space so your voice is audible, and try to speak clearly.

  4. Keep your video to under a minute

    Less is more - focus on the key messages you want to share. Keep your video response to one minute or less.

  5. Don't edit your video

    We are happy to accept raw video footage. Do not add subtitles, or any other annotations to the footage.

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