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Council mission and objectives

The global environment crisis, coupled with pressing social and economic challenges, is putting increasing pressure on Japan to make the transition to more sustainable socio-economic systems to build a more prosperous and inclusive future.
The Global Future Council on Japan will bring together a multistakeholder expert group to formulate a new vision and path for Japan’s sustainable transition, focusing primarily on the food system and the circular economy, two of the most critical areas for a country that relies heavily on global food and natural resources. Japan’s food systems and circular economy have a high level of global interdependence, and its efforts could bring a huge impact internationally. The council will design policy recommendations and leverage webinars, report publications and social media campaigns to engage broad stakeholders in a discussion on the food system transition and circular economy adaptation.

Mobilizing thought leadership for impact

The Global Future Councils serve as a brain trust for leaders from government, business and civil society, and support the Forum’s mission by bringing together experts bound by a shared mission to discuss the most critical issues, generate insights and analysis, and collaborate in shaping agendas.

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世界で最も急速に高齢化が進む日本では、若年層の将来に対する信頼を取り戻すことが急務となっています。 日本は、経済的にも社会的にも、悪循環に陥っています。過去30年にわたる経済成長の停滞によって賃金は低下し、幾度の政策転換にもかかわらず、若年層は家庭を持つことに十分な自信を持つことができないままです。

26 Jan 2022

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