Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Fragility and Resilience

Council mission and objectives

Even before COVID-19, extreme climate events, conflict and protracted crises produced escalating levels of fragility. The pandemic and the economic and social aftershocks are taking a toll on those who are most vulnerable and fuelling poverty, inequity and instability. Deepening fragility is rapidly becoming a local, regional and global issue – making it everyone’s risk. The international aid system faces the incompatible demands of the growing needs of people and contracting funding levels. Funders now seek to respond with greater flexibility; at the same time, the system is opening more to opportunities for direct engagement from the private sector. Better preparedness for future shocks, however, will require true innovation and an evolution of roles in the international aid system. Applying lessons learned from the COVID-19 response, the Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Fragility and Resilience will focus on how to:
– Accelerate the transformation of the international aid system with new business models and multistakeholder partnerships.
– Unlock the full potential of digital technology for more effective responses.
– Build resilience through support to local actors and markets.

Forum Council Managers:
- Andrej Kirn, Head of International Organizations and Humanitarian Agenda, World Economic Forum
- Miriam Schive, Deputy Head, International Organizations and Humanitarian Agenda, World Economic Forum

Mobilizing thought leadership for impact

The Global Future Councils serve as a brain trust for leaders from government, business and civil society, and support the Forum’s mission by bringing together experts bound by a shared mission to discuss the most critical issues, generate insights and analysis, and collaborate in shaping agendas.


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