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The GFC on the Future of Energy is an integral part of the Global System Initiative on the Future of Energy.

In the context of the on-going energy system change and the World Economic Forum’s Future of Energy Global System Initiative, our council will act as a think tank to provide longer term (5-20 years) vision and solutions for an effective transition towards a more sustainable, secure and affordable energy future.

This can include identifying risks, opportunities and hurdles to overcome in reaching this future; analyzing the variables that have the greatest potential for disruption; and delivering clear recommendations for actions needed today. While avoiding duplication of existing activities run by the Forum or other institutions is important, the council can particularly play a role in:

a) Providing vision for the energy system transition: For instance on what could the energy system look like by 2030? What is possible for energy system change and improvement and how can we most effectively get there? What are associated risks and opportunities?
b) Identifying novel approaches to- and increased “literacy” of energy system transition: Bring new thinking to tackling specific energy system transition challenges and increase understanding of these among key decision makers. As part of that, the council can also identify new “on the edge” issues and raise awareness of them among decision makers.
c) Contributing to existing initiatives: Engage with existing initiatives run by the World Economic Forum’s Global System Initiative or by other institutions to increase their impact.
d) Catalysing new initiatives: Through results of the council work, propose potential new areas for collaborative projects to the Board of Stewards to be considered for the Global System Initiative and/or to relevant institutions other than the World Economic Forum.

Contact Us

Council Manager:

Espen Mehlum, Head of Knowledge Management and Integration, Energy Industries, espen.mehlum@weforum.org