Global Shapers Annual Summit

31-3 September 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

Each year, the World Economic Forum invites 400 change-makers, innovators, activists and entrepreneurs under the age of 30 to the Global Shapers Annual Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. This summit helps young leaders strengthen their sense of purpose and build the skills, tools and bonds that they will need to create impact and influence global affairs.

The summit will focus on three thematic pillars of interest to the Global Shapers Community and the Forum’s Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
 Shaping the Future: Global Shapers will engage with Forum leaders to challenge conventional thinking, develop new perspectives on complex global challenges and promote innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Participants will learn how to maximize the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in their cities while minimizing associated risks.
 Systems Leadership: Global Shapers will re-think global and local systems and explore the skills, tools and bonds needed for leadership in an increasingly complex world. Participants will develop a stronger understanding of key global trends, gain insights into responsible and responsive leadership and become trusted partners for social innovation and entrepreneurship in their cities.
 Community Building: Global Shapers will enjoy experiential learning modules that provide opportunities for personal growth and awareness among a trusted group of global peers. The Forum’s priority is to create dialogue and exchange between inspiring young people with dedicated spaces for fun, reflection and feedback.

Founded by the Forum in 2011, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people who work together to address local, regional and global challenges. With
more than 7,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 378 city-based Hubs in 165 countries and territories.

In each city, teams of Global Shapers organise to create initiatives that address the needs of their community. Projects are wide-ranging and include responding to disasters, combating poverty, fighting climate change and building inclusive communities. Shapers are diverse in expertise, education, income and race – but are united by their desire to catalyse positive change.