World Economic Forum on Latin America

13—15 March 2018 São Paulo, Brazil

Latin America at a Turning Point: Shaping the New Narrative

The World Economic Forum on Latin America will gather over 750 global and regional leaders from government, business and civil society at a decisive time for Latin America, as an intense electoral cycle over the next two years promises far-reaching political and socio-economic impacts.

The meeting will seek to harness this momentum to help shape the new narrative for the region. It aims to help shape a path that draws on the region’s wealth in human and natural resources and places responsible leadership and people’s well-being at the centre; one that embraces technology and innovation as key drivers to modernize economies, enhance productivity and governance, and advance economic progress for all.

As protectionist rhetoric and political uncertainty at the global level affect the region, the integration agenda is being reinvigorated: Recent developments between Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance are increasing the potential for domestic-led growth. Simultaneously, as Latin American economies show signs of recovery and efforts to combat corruption yield tangible results in a number of countries, policy-makers are striving to implement further structural and institutional reforms.

The meeting will help organizations navigate and shape the economic, political and technological transformations to come. It will explore how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can help the region to maximize its potential, and foster its entrepreneurial spirit and thriving start-up ecosystem.

The host country, Brazil, is the ninth-largest economy in the world, with a large domestic market and a crucial role in sustainable development. Recent reforms are expected to drive economic efficiency and long-term stability. The host mega-city of São Paulo is an important financial centre and a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. Young voices that are driving change towards a more highly skilled and digitally enabled future will provide the next generation’s vision for Latin America.

Meeting Programme

The meeting will address strategic issues of national and regional significance under three thematic pillars:

Fostering Responsible Leadership and Agile Governance
Debate how leaders from all walks of life can create long-term value for society and overcome regional governance challenges. The current period of widespread political change offers an opportunity to inspire Latin American leaders with new narratives that fulfil the constituents’ expectations.

Ensuring Economic Progress for All
Examine how structural reforms and investment, accompanied by industrial upgrades, diversification and human-capital development, can ensure increased productivity and economic progress for all.

Harnessing the Potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Explore how the region can shape technology and innovation to its benefit. This includes understanding the impact of technologies such as blockchain, the internet of things, machine learning and robotics.

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