Creating a Digital Ocean

Creating a Digital Ocean

The Challenge

Over 80% of the ocean has not yet been explored but new technologies, data-processing, sensors and satellities could transform our knowledge of and relationship with the ocean. We need data-driven decisions for a sustainable ocean future, and that requires better, more coordinated data networks. Opening up the world’s ocean data allows ideas to flow freely, helping match problems to solutions and accelerating our path to sustainability.

The Impact Pillar

Scaling the liberation, use and governance of ocean data for the benefit of public good, ocean health and knowledge, and in support of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and the Ocean Data Platform

Sustainable Development Goals



  • Make ocean data easier to find, use and apply to key decisions
  • Improve data literacy and stewardship across ocean communities
  • Pioneer solutions for big ocean data challenges, like managing high seas and identifying deep-ocean organisms
  • Explore and monitor our changing seas

Other impact pillars