Science-Based Targets

Science-Based Targets for the Ocean

The challenge

Our ocean has tremendous social and economic value, but overfishing and pollution are now affecting both the wellbeing of humans and the future of businesses dependent on it.

We need to create an economy that supports ocean health and enables companies and citizens to harness the value of the ocean in a sustainable way.

By setting science-based targets for the ocean, businesses, cities and other actors will be able to reduce risk and increase innovation within their own operations. In doing so, they will also ensure that they are not overexploiting natural resources (through unsustainable fishing, for example), are doing enough to help cut ocean pollution and reduce alien species, and are helping to restore rather than harm habitats and ecosystems.

The Action Track

Friends of Ocean Action supports the Global Commons Alliance, a coalition of NGOs, academics and civil society, in its work to set science-based targets for land, biodiversity, water and the ocean. Within the Science Based Targets Network’s Ocean Hub, Friends of Ocean Action are supporting work towards the development of methods and resources to enable companies and cities to set science-based targets for the ocean across their value chains.


Global Commons Alliance

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