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Marinus Analytics

Marinus Analytics is a woman-owned company founded in 2014 out of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn big data online into actionable intelligence. We know that it's not just about data: it's about people. Behind massive data streams are the individuals who create them. Whether it's a dealer behind hundreds of serial numbers, a criminal behind thousands of financial transactions, or a victim behind millions of online advertisements...we pinpoint the person in the data. The solutions we deploy help law enforcement, government, and the private sector identify and combat criminal activity. Our flagship tool, Traffic Jam, has been revolutionizing law enforcement’s ability to rescue victims of sex trafficking globally for the last 5 years. Now, we are applying similar AI solutions to new spaces like social services, and to new problems like the opioid epidemic. Our solutions empower data-driven, people-centric responses in the digital age.

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