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Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

Economic Adviser, Burgan Bank

BA, Business Admin., Bocconi; MBA/MIM, CEMS; PhD, Mgmt Sci., ESADE; degree candidate, Int'l Law, Univ. of Parma. Chartered accountant; dottore commercialista. Twenty years' experience in economic analysis, business mgmt, int'l investments, Europe, US, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Former: Research Assoc., Harvard; Economist, IADB. 2000-08, Member, Young Professionals Program, then Senior Economist, World Bank. 2008, Chief Economist and Member of the Management Team and Investment Committee, Kuwait China Investment Company (KCIC). Founder and CEO, Foresight Advisors. Concurrently, Economic Adviser, Burgan Bank, Kuwait. Author of numerous articles and books.